Thursday, January 3, 2008

Strange dreams

Wow, was last night ever a night full of weird dreams. The strongest one I remember was: I was sleeping out in a parking lot, and the police came. There were many homeless people causing a ruckus (playing guitar, talking, drinking). They were sitting on my car. One of the officers was much larger than I (so maybe I was a child or a teenager in the dream??), and asked me if I was all right. I pulled bloody needles from my mouth and started crying, "They fed me needles!" The officer busted them all. I left the parking lot.

OK, so put your dream analysis hat was that all about????

1. I saw police officers at work yesterday, so that's where that image came from. (Don' t worry, they were just patrolling the campus.)

2. The ruckus is probably because our neighbors had been acting out a lot, but lately they haven't - and I've been wondering where they are.

3. Sleeping out in a parking lot is probably because I've been thinking about Into the Wild a lot. (See previous post/book review).

But, I don't know where the needles came from, or why I would sleep outside if I had a car. Or the strong feeling of being threatened/harmed. Any thoughts? Or do you see dreams as randomness?

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