Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Travel Tales - Caribbean, 2008

Our cruise left on Sunday evening. We spent the first day at sea (Monday). TH and I had booked massages for first thing Monday morning. Oh, yeah. We both had the hot stone aromatherapy massage. Heavenly. The massage therapist used the heated stones to massage, then would place them on key body areas (ie low back), where they would sit, radiating. Awesome.
I also did Pilates on Monday. And we ate, and drank. Here's me enjoying a sangria. TH was at the movies (yes, there was a small movie theater on board).

Here's sunset from Monday:

Taken from our balcony. Ahem, our veranda.

Monday was also our first Formal night. We dressed to the nines, of course. (Emily - you may recognize the dress!)

More drinks anyone? Martini? Planter's punch?

Wood. Cliff Wood.

The food was phenomenal. Here are my choices for dinner:
Crab cocktail, creamy chicken soup, salad. Then, a wine sherbet to cleanse the palate. Then, tournedos of beef (filet mignon with a small toasted round of bread, with pate on top. OMG) Dessert? Warm apricat tart, pistachio ice cream, and housemade caramel sauce. It was so beautiful (sniff).

More pics and stories to come.

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Emily said...

You guys both look tres sexy! :)