Saturday, January 26, 2008

BVI and DR

Tortola, BVI.

Yes, British Virgin Islands - so traffic flows differently.

Today's adventure: an "eco tour."

Most of my pictures from Tortola are on a waterproof, non-digital camera. But, I can say that it was a gorgeous, hot, sunny day on the water. We learned about the mangrove tree. Pretty amazing. This tree is incredibly adaptive, and if it doesn't take root, it will set itself free on the waves and get washed to another island. (Just one more reason I believe there must be a Creator.) We also snorkeled and saw some pretty cool fish, including possibly a stonefish or scorpion fish. Reports seem to vary whether stonefish are found in the Caribbean or not. Either way, it was a cool fish.

The next day we docked at Casa de Campo, on the Isla Hispaniola (Dominican Republic). This was not the best stop, because once you got off the ship, you had to take a shuttle or taxi to get anywhere. But we had a shore tour on the River Chavon, so we were set.

Breakfast, via room service. (The croissants are not as good as in France. They never are - is there something in the French water??)

Beautiful bougainvillaea, just onshore.
This picture gives me such joy - the beauty, the colors, the feeling of being somewhere tropical - if I didn't have such a black thumb, I'd try my hand at growing one of these.

Our cheesy amphibious vehicle tour! Excellent.

The river is beautiful.

Cuba libres for everyone!! Bleagh - cheap rum, cheap cola. Ours got "accidentally"dumped overboard. (But we saved the cups for proper disposal. Natch.)

Let's get the tourists tipsy on cheap rum and coke, then make them dance to impossibly fast merengue. Who am I to say no to a merengue? Good times!!

I love how relaxed I look in this picture. I don't allow myself to have this kind of fun except on vacation. Why is that? There was something so delicious in just letting loose and boogying.

Adios, Rio Chavon!

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