Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reminiscing - Labadee, Haiti

Our last shore tour was to this beach in Haiti, and it was the most relaxing. Unfortunately we really didn't get to see the real Haiti. So, no taste of Haitian culture, but we also didn't have to worry about political unrest. At any rate, this part of the island of Hispaniola looks very different from the other part which is inhabited by the nation of the Dominican Republic. The beach was amazing, and it was huge - many different sunning spots. You just picked out your place, and the beach workers would pull up some chairs for you (then wait for a tip). The drink-staff from the ship would wander around and you could order drinks. At this point we were so bloated from all the booze that we had moved on to virgin drinks. No matter. We were so relaxed you could have dropped a coconut on us and we wouldn't have cared. This is my new happy place!

And this is the last set of pictures from our trip that I'll post to the blog. (Sigh.) Time to move on! Live in the now! On to the adventure of life!

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Emily said...

I love that photo of the two of you lounging under a palm tree. What a life.