Monday, January 28, 2008

Healthy Bake Night

TH is working the Weight Watchers for men, online, and has lost about 12 pounds so far. Go baby go!! So he requested a healthy bake night. These scones are only 2 points each.

With craisins substituting for currants. Yum!

Oh, my, they are light and fluffy and delicious.

Something British to go with the scones.

Here's to good health!


Emily said...

Good luck Cliff. What a supportive wife you have.

African Kelli said...

Um, Scones and Seal? SIGN ME UP. that sounds lovely. I love me some Seal. Isn't that album fabulous?

And yes, I love Rachael Ray! I don't have cable, so her show is one of the only cooking shows I regularly watch.