Tuesday, January 15, 2008

AI Season 7

Is anyone watching American Idol tonight? Lord have mercy. Some thoughts:

1. Who names their little precious baby girl "Temptress?" It's like a bad porn star name.
2. When did shouting = singing?
3. WTF is up with Alexis (she of the weird sparkly look)? Simon was actually polite to her and she freaked out. Next, she says, she is going to try "actressing." Um, OK.
4. Does anyone sing straight anymore? I mean why, why, why do people need to sing all over the map? I realize this makes me sound really old, but...come on.
5. Why do the worst singers have the most confidence?
6. How creepy was the stalker song? Am I the only one who wasn't laughing?
7. Chest hair is nasty. Period.

(Back to more travel pics tomorrow.)

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