Saturday, August 9, 2008

Random thoughts on the Summer Olympics

(I hate using corporate logos/sound bites/catch phrases, but this one from Visa really fits.)

Did you see the opening ceremonies last night? Click here for some pictures. TH and I were speechless with delight and awe. The drummers, the children, the fireworks, the "printing press," the huge LCD screen, the whole amazing spectacle was over the top and pretty amazing.

It was helpful to have NBC's commentator filling in details about China's history, cultural values, and symbolism. I don't know anything about China. We didn't learn its history in school, nor the history of any Eastern countries, for that matter. There's something wrong with that.
Anyhoo - we love the Olympics. Oooh! Swimming is on. Gotta go.

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Emily said...

I missed the Opening Ceremonies. I think I was sitting uncomfortably on a plane somewhere over the Atlantic. Sounds amazing.

Did you see that photo finish of the men's freestyle relay: USA vs. France? Wow.