Thursday, August 28, 2008

Book Review - They Went Whistling: Women Wayfarers, Warriors, Runaways, and Renegades

This fabulous book by Barbara Holland is a collection of women you don't usually read about in history books. There aren't a whole lot of women in history books, and those that are, are usually sanitized to within an inch of complete fiction. OK, well, history books and their white-washing of reality is another post entirely (right Susan??).

But I digress.

Barbara Holland writes with a steady, assured dry wit that borders on sarcasm but never gets nasty. Her humorous approach keeps this book from being oh-so-serious and worshipful, but still manages to suggest how amazing these women were for throwing off society's expectations and threats. From the adventurous to the criminal, these women were not well-behaved. Great read, and I will be searching for more Barbara Holland...count on that.

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