Friday, August 15, 2008

Another mini-vacation

I've planned this day off, and planned it as a me-day, since early this summer, and I'm so glad. What with all the craziness in my life, I really wanted to treat myself kindly today.

After dropping TH at work, and running some errands, it was off to yoga. Fabulous. Next, to lunch. I had a gift certificate to Cafe Rolle, a French cafe. Ooh-la-la! It was like being in France again. The waiter greeted me with a cheerful, "Bonjour, madame!" I was able to reply in my limited French (which was FUN). I ordered foie gras (yes, I know what it is; no, I don't care because IT IS DELICIOUS), quiche on a salad with that mustardy-vinegary dressing that only the French know how to make, a Perrier with lemon, and a cafe creme for after. The waiter said it was just what he would have ordered; "a taste of Paris, oui?" Oui. And I took my time, eating leisurely. Lovely.

For dessert, I went to Ginger Elizabeth for French macarons, little delicious sandwich cookies that should not be confused with macaroons. Today the flavors were chocolate and vanilla plum. OMG.

These are almost actual size.

What a great day. A mini-vacation to France. I'll have to try this again. Have a vacation-like weekend!


David said...

Looks deelish. I has a envy.

Emily said...

Très magnifique!