Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic Non-Events

My friend Nicole blogged about how if there was an Olympic Event in Worrying, she would take the gold. I suggested that she and I could team up and be the May-Treanor/Walsh of Worrying, and kick serious butt.

So that got me thinking, what are some other Olympic Non-Events?

  • The Dishes-Slacker Event. TH and I try to see who can go the longest without doing the dishes. We hate doing the dishes. No, we REALLY HATE IT.

  • The Thermostat Event. Whose will reigns supreme? Who gets to control the temperature? Does this meet go to the Cold-bloods? Or do the Hot-bloods win today?

  • The Remote-Control Wrestling Event. Will it be House Hunters, or Monday Night football?

  • The High-Tech Gadget Event. Who has the latest iPhone/Nintendo/whatever?

  • The Shoe-Shopping Event. Um, yeah. Ari wins.

  • The Best Deal Event. Who saved the most - was it Nicole, with her half-off of $10.00 at Crossroads, or was it PJ, with her final clearance, 70% off plus employee discount at Mervyns?

What are the Olympic Non-Events of your life? Share.


cia ladybug said...

i heard on NPR about some athletes that had to stay home since their sports aren't featured. they talked to a) a guy who plays rugby, b) a woman who is a professional video gamer, and c) a guy who plays cricket. i think i'll stop there...

6oru9cQirP6aVrWqcHafIQtl said...

The first three events you mention are included in the all-around "Spousal Decathalon". This is a points competition ("Spouse Points") that also includes "Argument Ju-Jitsu", "Trash Basketball", "Baby Wrangling", "Birthday/Anniversary Remembering", "Ace Trumping", "Expense Hiding", and "Sympathy Milking". Performances are judged for both technical merit and artistic expression. Competition is self-judged, and corruption is rampant in the sport. Major performance-enhancing substances include chocolate, coffee, and alcohol.