Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mostly good news, a couple of sour notes, and a WTF

First the good news - it's just a minor sprain. The X-rays looked good. (Bonus side note of good news - my bones look healthy. Yay!) The swelling is mostly gone. I can now walk without limping and so, I don't need crutches. I get to do some cool foot exercises (write the alphabet with your foot! Woo hoo!) for physical therapy. I can probably go back to yoga next week as long as I take it easy on the ankle.

Next, the sour notes. The X-Ray revealed a small bone spur on my right heel. Huh. This just means I'll need to stretch really well when I start the running regimen, to avoid heel pain. Which I was planning to do anyway. Also I need to stay away from flipflops for awhile. And high heels. Hmm.

And lastly, the WTF moment of the day. According to the chart in the doctor's office, age 35-64 is Middle-Age Adult. Which means I'm officially...middle-aged.


cia ladybug said...

ACK! i guess that means i have one day left before i too am middle aged. i better get busy.

Nicole said...

BUMMER about the high heels!! I don't know what I would do if I had to stop wearing high shoes.

But it's good news that it's just a sprain and that your bones are in good health.

And even if you are middle aged, you're still FABULOUS!! :)

Emily said...

That's quite a LARGE age group...don't ya think?