Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday night and all's well

Lest you think I'm all about the sweet tooth, I do sometimes get creative in the kitchen with cooking. Behold tonight's din-din:

Linguine, scallops, onions, garlic, sweet peppers, mushrooms, white wine, butter, and a little olive oil. TH helped me through some of the finer points (searing the scallops, deglazing the pan, opening the wine). He's the real cook around here, but Sunday nights are usually DIY/scrounge.

This weekend has been wonderful. TH and I spent a lot of time together after not seeing each other much over the last week due to meetings, rehearsals, so on. Saturday we tackled some household chores, then went our different ways to run errands. I had lunch at Adalberto's, a hole-in-the-wall Mexican chain that is cheap, fast, and so good. I had to return an item from the shopping marathon last weekend, and picked up a couple of classic pieces in its place. When I got home, we went for a bike ride around the neighborhood. The weather is classic Spring - windy and mild, in the 70's. Today TH sang a beautiful solo in church. After, we grocery-shopped and did some housecleaning, and I tackled a painting project while TH snoozed. I've had the windows open wide all day, fresh air and sunshine filling the house. Then, tonight - the aforementioned pasta, some Yo-Yo, and an excellent book.

Oh, and best of all (I guess I am all about the sweet tooth): I found a new Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor. My new favorite: Creme Brulee. Oh. My. God. Heaven on a spoon.

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