Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bake Puzzle Night - Or, into every baker's life, a little resourcefulness must be acquired

So I'm trying this Weight Watchers recipe for Lemon-Poppy Seed Crisps. Sounds easy, I've got the ingredients. Then the dough ends up looking like this:

Not right, yeah? So I go online, trying to find the recipe or at least one similar. No luck. "Grandma," I say, "What should I do?" And I get the answer. It seems strange that there are no eggs in this recipe. And, unlike other recipes with no eggs, there is not a lot of moisture from other sources. Hmmm. So I put the laptop aside, get off my tush, and go and add an egg. What can it hurt, right? For good measure, I squeeze in some lemon juice. Mix it up, and get this:

Ah, looks much more like cookie dough! Now, time to roll it out. Wait - do we still have a rolling pin? And where is it? No matter, I'll use a glass. And the dough is a little sticky, so into the fridge it goes to cool off. Guess it's time to check the gossip sites. Back to the baking in a mo.

Taking a peek into the oven...

I think it worked...they taste OK...could have used more lemon juice, or lemon extract maybe...not my worst cooking disaster, but not my best effort. They look pretty - I love lemon zest.
I'll take them to work and see what the crowd thinks. Now, time for American Idol elimination night!!

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African Kelli said...

They look good to me at A+ for the the Girl Scout creativity!