Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No students were harmed in the making of this day.

I've had a pretty crummy day, what with one student after another missing obligations, not taking responsibility for themselves, asking me for things I can't provide (and have already told them I can't provide), giving me crappy excuses, and in general, just being the flawed, human beings that we all are. It's not the full moon, and the weather is gorgeous...hmmm, must be midterm fever. The plague that affects all college students when they realize they're halfway through the semester and now must WORK THEIR TUSHIES OFF. Panic inevitably sets in.

Like all things though, this too shall pass. I already had half a beer and sat in the sun with my book when I came home. Right now TH is making balsamic chicken with mushrooms, risotto milanese, and sweet tender peas. And there's always more Ben and Jerry's for dessert. And American Idol.

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