Friday, May 9, 2008

Something about this just seems wrong to me.

I'm all for families. I don't choose to breed, myself, but I don't resent those who do (most of the time). My hat is off to parents - the hardest working, longest suffering group on the planet. "I believe the children are our future..." Oh, sorry.

But something about this just seems wrong to me.

What could it be?
  • Is it the fact that this woman is basically a walking uterus?
  • Is it that the father's name is Jim Bob? And they're from Arkansas? (would I feel the same if they were from a different part of the country? One that is more "educated"?)
  • Is it that they have named all their offspring with names that start with "J"?
  • Is it that there are so many children in this country and this world who are orphaned, unwanted, and in need of a good home? It seems like they should take some of those kids in before they have more.
  • Is it the suspicion that the older kids are taking care of ("parenting") the younger kids? Is that fair on them?
  • Is it disbelief and cynicism over how one man could possibly provide for all these children (cuz you know that momma ain't bringing in no income)?
  • Is it the comment that they will keep having kids "as long as God wills it?" I mean, I personally thank God daily for birth control and healthy surgical sterilization methods. He "willed" those, right?

What do you think about this? Am I out of line for being completely weirded out? Please, someone explain this to me.

And yes, I am aware that my biases are showing, so please don't lecture me about being stereotypical, I should be more open-minded, it's-a-free-country, etc. I appreciate all that. It's just that this life that they're living is so completely unfathomable to me. I need some help understanding it.


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am in the same boat with you here. Please, if you get any idea of why this occurs in our lifetime, with over population in country alone not talking about the whole world, then I need to be enlightened. I once knew a couple who were on their eleventh child. They were not the epitomy of a functioning family. I inquired as to why she continued to have children when they could barely make ends meet. She replied that she liked to be pregnant. Are you kiddin me woman!!!! You eventually have to raise and care for it the child when it is born lady!!! I was so upset. How dare her just think of herself and how she likes to have the attention. But anyway, not that I have went off. I feel you!

Anonymous said...

that comment was from me-Jamie

Emily said...

I'm with you, J. I don't understand it either. Is birth control accepted in all religions? This might be a sign of ignorance on my part.

Jennifer said...

As far as I know, birth control is not accepted in all sects of Christianity. The more traditional/conservative the church, the more "pro-family" they tend to be. But amongst denominations, there is the continuum of attitudes and practices. What does Jewish culture say about birth control?