Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Is anyone else besides me sick of all the big-pharm influence? Every time I turn on the TV (which actually isn't that often), during every commercial break there is yet another ad for yet another mysterious, unknown malady that requires you to "ask your doctor" if it is right for you. Um, if I don't even know what the disease is, how should I know to ask my doctor if the medication is right for me?

There are several paths I could take with this starting point.
  • Medical model vs. biopsychosocial model of illness. The medical model says, 'oh - symptoms- this pill will get rid of those.' The biopsychosocial model says, 'oh -symptoms - let's see what is biologically caused, what is a product of social influence, and what is emotional (psychological).' Yes, some things work best with a pill thrown at them. Others are more complex.
  • Are we overmedicating ourselves?
  • What is happening: are we really discovering more ailments, OR are people noticing more and asking for relief (instead of pushing through), OR are the ailments caused by other problems, like obesity, OR are Americans so darn spoiled we just expect everything to be taken care of ("make it go away, NOW"), OR ????
  • Is big-pharm out for more money, at the cost of medicating whoever, wherever?
  • Is it all just a part of a giant government conspiracy to overdose us to the point of electing village idiots...

Well, now that I've got my panties in a bunch, it's time for my Havidol.

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Emily said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes.