Wednesday, May 7, 2008

35 going on 13

I highly dislike experiences that make me feel like a teenager again. I am not one of those women who is constantly seeking youth. I do not enjoy when people tell me I look younger than I am. Swear to God. People seem to think younger = a compliment. Huh. Try it yourself.

So today, I had a moment that pushed me right back to junior high. I went to this store after TH and I cleaned out our closets. Now, it is a fact fairly universally acknowledged that I have style. I wear cute things, dammit. And TH does not dress like a slob either. So I'm hoping to get some store credit out of two big bags of clothes.

My clothes totally looked like this!!

I don't expect them to buy all, but there are some trendy items in there. I wait for them to call me, and I'm cruising the racks, seeing all kinds of trashy stuff, and some nice things, in the same styles, in better and worse condition than what I brought. Cool. I've got it right this time (having tried to sell before, and realized later that the styles were all wrong). Then, Young Thang Buyer Chick tells me, "I'm sorry, I won't be buying anything from you today." WTF? "The styles are too old." I just bought that shirt at Target two months ago!! What do you mean too old?

I don't want my nice things in your yucky store after all. I hate you! I hate you and your stupid ass-face! (Sorry, accidentally slipped into Corky's City Council monologue from "Waiting for Guffman.")

See? SEE? Right back to junior high. My clothes were never good enough, my look was never right. I was never one of the cool girls, and got through it all with a mix of bravado and chutzpah. But I felt it. Oh, I felt it. And I felt it again today.

I'm cute, right? I have nice clothes, right?

I'm never shopping there again. Hmmmppph.

Young Thang Buyer Chick said, "Feel free to continue your shopping here." Sheah. As if. (Bitch.)


cia ladybug said...

that same thing has happened to me and several people i know. i'm not sure what they are looking for, but i'm sure i don't have it. i'm happy to just give them away to goodwill. they do have some trashy stuff on the racks at CR, which i think they should give away for free. i'll still shop there tho....

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I love Goodwill, or maybe I'll freecycle them (especially the men's.) Or. Sac county collects professional clothes for people transitioning from CalWorks to jobs. They'll go to good homes.

Nicole said...

I have also had the same experience once before. Granted, some of my stuff was more than a couple of years old, but still in excellent shape. I've come across stuff there with holes, faded, etc. and have no idea how it made it past the buyers. Sorry you had a bad experience! :(

Emily said...

Jen - everyone I know (plus me) has had that exact same experience at Crossroads and it's SO hard to take in that rejection. Their loss. But, I love Crossroads too much to never go back. :)

Jennifer said...

Em- you'd think I'd be old enough to not feel the rejection. but, rejection always hurts, no?

To all: the story ain't over yet. I'm going to try a lee-tle social experiment. More later.