Monday, May 26, 2008

Holiday at Sea Perch

Cliff and I just returned from our weekend on the Northern California coast. It was perfect. Of all the places I've been in the world so far (admittedly, not very many), to me this part of the world is uncontested for beauty, and for spiritual and sensual refreshment. By sensual I mean it pleases all the senses. It smells of saltwater, kelp, and earth. It sounds of waves and seabird cries. It tastes of pine, eucalyptus, and fog. It feels springy beneath my feet, soft against my skin, and cool against my body. It looks like heaven - greens, golds, grays, blues, and soft whites.

I feel like a new woman.


Emily said...

You guys are traveling fools! I love learning about all these places you've traveling to recently. :)

Nicole said...

So glad you guys had such a nice time! We enjoyed your weather here, too!