Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Book Addict Breakthrough

As you all know by now, I am a Book Addict. I love 'em. I love to read them. I love to buy them. I love to borrow them. I love to touch them, smell them, feel a good solid hardback in my hands or on my lap. Fiction, history, science, romance, women's studies, current events, sociology, psychology, religion, quotes, plays, poetry, analysis, you name it - I love it.

So I had a breakthrough today, of which I am quite proud. (A moment of silence, now, for my breakthrough. Thank you.) I went to the campus bookstore to seek out a biography on Houdini that I've had my eye on for a few weeks. The bookstore carried it in hardback, for $29.95. Ouch. My friend PJ says, "go to Barnes and Noble, you have the member card, right?" Oh, good idea, says I. Later, I'm thinking, I should check to see if I can find a used copy (more environmentally friendly, as well as wallet friendly). So I looked it up. I found lots of used copies, so I decided that when I got home tonight, I would order me one. When I got home, I had a further flash of brilliance and decided to check to see if they carried it. [ is like netflix for books - you pay a monthly fee, put books on your list, and they mail them to you. You read them, put them in their little return envelope, mail them back, and get more. Ad infinitum.] And I was in luck, as there was the object of my desire. So I added it to my list. So now, everyone is happy - me, my wallet, and the earth. Oh, and
(And the heavens opened up and the angels sang.)

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