Friday, February 15, 2008

Things I think about when I am sick.

1. Why do some colds make you want to eat the entire contents of a mega-super-grocery store?

2. Why is it called "catching" a cold? This makes it sound light and airy, like "catching a butterfly" or "catching a ball."

3. How can resting all day make you tired-er?

4. Does the cat sleep like this when I'm not home?

5. Why do I feel guilty for being away from work?

6. What do stay-at-home parents do with their kids when they (the parents) are sick?

7. What is that creaky noise?

8. How many people outside of India like Bollywood movies?

9. How can my skin still be so dry and itchy if I'm drinking so much water?

10. How is it possible to feel both hot (my feet) and cold (my hands) at the same time?

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