Friday, February 8, 2008

Lenten Sacrifices

Many people use Lent as a time to sacrifice - give something up - or change - do something different, change a habit. After a couple of days of thinking about what I wanted to do in this season of Lent, I decided that I could use a sacrifice. It fits in the spirit of living more frugally and more simply. Since we bought our house, and I went through the purging of belongings pre- and post-moving, and realized I have way too much of everything, I've also decided to be more thoughtful about what I bring home. Also, the house is such a huge financial commitment that I've started examining how I spend my money.

So, I'm sacrificing this year. I'm not buying any new books or music. I have plenty of books, and I belong to booksfree (, so I'm really not hurting for books. But I still love buying them! It's such an addiction. And so easy to go to, look up something, and order it. Voila. I'm calling an end to it. At least for 40 days.


Kele said...
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Emily said...

Wow. Good luck! Do you belong to your local library?