Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Love a Stormy Night

As more winter storms tickle my windows, here I sit, laptop handy, cat on lap, more books awaiting, and Bach on the stereo. Ahhhhhhh. A note to all the idiots I've seen walking around in shorts, tube tops, and flip-flops: I told you people it was still winter. But did you listen?!

I am feeling much improved, thanks to several days off, oceans of water, a very high bottom-to-couch occurrence, the wonders of legal drugs, and a bag of Oreos. (I maintain that there's no proof they didn't help. Further study may be warranted.) Thanks to those who sent good wishes for improved health. Unfortunately, TH has contracted this bug from me. Boo.

Not much is new as I've been out of the loop, but I do start piano lessons on Monday. Yay! Since I already read music (years of violin lessons and vocal pursuits), it will be interesting to see how quickly I pick up the technique. I'm hoping that, being comfortably adult, I can have some fun and not feel the need for perfection. We'll see. And, since Monday will be lesson nights, bake nights are hereby moved to Thursdays. I haven't watched CSI since Sara left, then with the writer's strike and all...well, why start now? Plus, I can take the goodies to work for staff meetings on Fridays. So it's all good.

Have a good weekend!

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