Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Funny Valentine

Tales of Valentine's Past.
  • Sweetest Valentine's Day Moment. (Watch out, you'll get a cavity from this one.) When TH and I were dating, we each bought the other a teddy bear (aahhhhh). TH put his cologne on mine, so I could cuddle it and be reminded of him (AAAHHHH!).
  • Lowest Valentine's Day Moment. My freshman year in the dorms, those of us who were single (ahem, bitterly single) decided to make big construction paper hearts with the names of our dorm-mates and their boyfriends/girlfriends on them. Then we tore the hearts down the middle and put them on their doors. I know. Pathetic, and kinda mean too.
  • My own personal "Charlie-Brown and the little-red-haired-girl" Valentine's Day Moment. When I was in 4th grade, I had a major crush on a boy in 6th grade. Major. I made him a Valentine, but was too shy to give it to him. One of my friends did the deed for me while I watched from afar. Alas, he shrugged and stuffed it in his pocket, then went back to playing kickball. Sigh. Such drama.
  • Grown-up Valentine's Day Moment: Kid's valentines and chocolates for co-workers, funny but slightly naughty card for hubby. Keeping it simple!

Enjoy your Valentine's Day Moments!!

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