Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reflections on 36

Another birthday has come and gone. That was fast. Last year I made several reflections on things I wanted to do in the next few years. A quick review:

1. Keep working at my current job. I have no big plans for new work or big promotions - I think I'd like to keep tinkering at my job and get better at it.
2. Travel more. We're looking at Galapagos in 2010, maybe Europe again in 2011.
3. Learn another language. Spanish, French, or ASL (American Sign Language) come to mind.

4. Think things through before taking action or speaking.
5. Maybe start running or swimming regularly. Maybe.
6. Clear out the clutter of my life: books, clothes, STUFF. On a regular basis. Once every 6 months. Hmm.
7. Get outside more.
8. Eat vegetables at every lunch and dinner.
9. Utilize the public library more than amazon.com
10. Sing every day, even if it's only in the shower.
11. Eliminate road rage from my driving experiences.

I'm happy with where I'm at. The few goals that I haven't met from this list - 2. Travel more, 3. Learn another language, 9. Utilize the public library, and 10. Sing every day, are still goals I'd like to meet. The others are ongoing goals, and I'm pleased to have made a good start on them.

Other goals I have for the next part of my life:
  • Shop less. I spend far too much money on clothes, shoes, etc. In fact, shopping has been such a pull for me that I gave it up for Lent. It's been hard. But I have big hopes that this will change my habits. It worked last year with my limit on purchasing books.
  • Be more open-hearted. My service as a Deacon at my church has shown me how my heart has shrunk a little. Also, at work, I sometimes slip into assumptions about people and their behavior, rather than seeing each as an individual with individual stories and needs.
  • Clean out the garage. Yep, this summer, it's time to take some trips to Goodwill.
  • TH and I would like to start taking some day-hikes around our area. This will be good exercise, get us outside more. (Not to mention getting us away from shopping.)

I hope that the next year finds me in good health, with a balance between self and others, spirit and body, and faith and pragmatism.

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