Sunday, November 30, 2008

In the News

Reading the newspaper is a mixed bag for me. Some days I don't even look at the "hard news" because I know I'll be depressed by it. Some days I comb the paper for positive stories (which can be hard to find).

Today's mixed bag:
  • DNA test seeks kids' sports niche. A company in Colorado is offering a DNA test for $149 that claims it can identify athletic potential based on the presence of a certain gene. Of all the ridiculous applications of genetic testing! Not to mention waste of money. And what about interest? What if a child is genetically good at strength sports, but would rather be a chef? The ability to excel is more than just genetics.
  • Stampede at Wal-Mart results in death. This is sad on so many levels. A temporary worker, hired to help out at Wal-Mart for Black Friday, was thrown to the floor and trampled by early-bird shoppers. Mobs scare me.
  • More and more Americans are volunteering to fill the needs of communities. This makes me so happy, and so hopeful, in ways I have trouble articulating.
  • The annual Run to Feed the Hungry raised about $750,000 for the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services. There were over 28,000 runners (at least 4,000 more than last year). I was encouraged by the sheer numbers, by the positive attitudes of those competing, and the fun atmosphere. I didn't see any tantrums, littering, poor sportsmanship, or other negativity. Amazing, in a group that size. Just enough to restore my hope in humanity.

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