Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm just sayin'.

It really chaps my hide when smokers throw their cigarette butts (still lit) out of their car windows. A trifecta of illegal, and disrespectful, and dangerous.

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Dave said...

HEAR HEAR! For me the worst part about seeing that is that I spend the next mile and a half dreaming of how I would build a robot that I could shoot out my grille which would swoop down, pick up the cigarette, and throw it back in their window before they can close it. Preferably back in their face. Of course the robot would deploy warning flares so that everyone behind the newly out-of-control vehicle could give them a lot of space.

That's a mile and half that I could have spent dreaming about something productive, like how to build a robot that would solve my storage problems by standing outside my house and juggling everything I own in a single cascade three-thousand feet high.