Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is about giving...

...So today I gave myself the day off! No shoulds, no ought-tos, just what I wanted to do. Which turned out to be pretty productive, and I still have most of the afternoon and all evening to kick back.

After running out to Target for the umpteenth time (and LAST, I swear it), I wrapped presents. But because I'm an organizational weirdo and can't do just one task at a time, I had to sort out the boxes of paper, wrap, and bows. With the result that it looks like a Hallmark store threw up in my guest room.

After a short break (fortified by lunch and some See's candy), I moved on to baking.

The two cookies I must make each year are honey shortbread and springerles. The honey shortbread is a recipe I found years ago in a holiday cookie magazine. I tried it once, and my family went nuts over it. It's so easy, it almost doesn't count. Butter, honey, vanilla, and flour. Done. The springerles are a legacy from my Grandma Frances. When Grandma sent us the Christmas package every year, there would be a box of springerles in there. These are easily my favorite cookies, but I only make them for Christmas. They are anise-flavored and very crunchy. Yummy. My mom managed to snag Grandma's hand-carved springerle board and got the recipe from her (orally, of course) before she passed away. And now I carry on the tradition.

Baking must be accompanied by music. It was time to whip out the John Denver and the Muppets cd. Which reminds me of my childhood, and always makes me sentimental (which means laughter and tears).

And now, being done with my tasks, I plan to relax with a good book and some hot cocoa. Aaahhhh.

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