Thursday, March 4, 2010

Women Who Dared, III

Anonymous Woman

Today I salute you, Ms. Anonymous. I honor you. I see you in all women, past, present, and future.

I see you: you who have worked, bled, suffered, thrilled, risen above, raised children, tended gardens, tended souls, prayed, rioted, talked, persuaded, cried, sweated, won, lost, survived. I see you: you who sacrifice, you who break down barriers, you who fulfill menial tasks so that others can move ahead. I see you: you who live lives of quiet desperation, who live lives of privilege, who live lives of poverty, who live lives of abuse, who live lives of happiness. I see you: you who go unseen and forgotten, you whose memories have been poisoned by others, you who have disappeared under regimes political and personal, you who others would seek to destroy. I see you: you who nurture, who build up, who connect, who cherish, who bring peace with your words, actions, and love. I see you: you who do the forgotten and disenfranchised work. I see you: you who do the important and historically significant work. I see you: in all your glorious varieties, ages, sizes, colors, races, backgrounds, histories, herstories.

I see you: you dare to exist.

I see you: you are me.

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Jeremiah said...

I am the lone guy in a class of about 20 female graduate students on IDENTITY. The degree program is intercultural relations. I know the obvious - I don't think of my gender because I am the gender of privilege - my words, not anyone else's. Hey, the first step is to call a spade a spade. But, still in my neophyte status with regard to a subjugated gender, I know your are a person with a strong conscience so, I gotta know, what on earth did you read or what (offline?) stories do you have the describes the lament of the female sex so poignantly so often? Why have I not come in contact with this more (I know alot of it is re: the church) but, even though I have lots of Christian gal-pals who approach feminist - and I'm not saying you do - unless you want that label - I'm sure you could make the case for yourself - who I respect so much.

What on earth happened (or what multiple events happened) - none necessarily to yourself - for your to raise the alarm? I really need to know if I am going to relate to folks who have encountered events or material such as yourself.

I'm kind of blabbing on now - a little late and the "school work" writing juices are flowing - but I guess what I'm saying if someone like you has been sounding this alarm for so long I want to take notice and find out what's going on/what's gone on? Where do I start? Do I say, as I do with my black friends, maybe to their chagrin, crying tears over the lynch mobs and the injustice but then moving on? What do I say or do if the sweat shops or the sexism just seems, to be, to be a drag - perhaps a terrible, abysmal drag - but then go on with life?

Anyway, to much blabbing, but you've been at it for a while now and now this poem. What the heck happened? (again, not necessarily to you) What the heck is going on that I'm missing?...

-bro Mike