Friday, March 19, 2010

On the cusp of Spring

Spring is very nearly here in my lovely valley. The trees are blooming, bees are buzzing, and everyone is down for the count with seasonal allergies. Meanwhile, I'm getting the familiar urges that Spring brings to me every year, along with balmy 75 degree days and pollen-covered cars.
  • Shopping urges. I have the urge to throw out everything in my closet and buy new clothes, shoes, purses, and everything else. This is a tough urge to fight. However, since I technically don't need anything, I will probably have to suck it up and go shopping in my closet - hopefully coming up with some new ideas and combinations that will keep it all fresh.
  • Cleaning urges. I have this fantasy of taking a mental health day off from work and cleaning out the pantry in our kitchen. I'm positive we have some 5-year-old packages of cornmeal, or some ancient spices, that all need to be tossed. I'm itching to sit down and clean out the tupperware cupboard, to toss (ahem, recycle) all the cracked plastic and the lids with no tub. Nothing would make me happier than emptying the cooking utensil drawer and sorting through the 5 spatulas, 3 slotted spoons, and 4 soup ladles.
  • Runaway urges. I usually get itchy feet this time of year, paired with a desire to head for the hills. Luckily we live close to the hills.
  • Nesting urges. Along with throwing out my wardrobe, I feel like redecorating. All my furniture, art, rugs, pillows look old and dingy in this bright Spring-y sunshine.

I find all this craving for something new to be symbolic of the season that's just arriving. Spring is a time of new growth, new beginnings, new life. It's a time for building nests, for the running of sap, for exiting hibernation. It's waking up and shedding and moving and shaking and migrating. It's a good thing to feel and be so in sync with the world around me. What are your Spring urges?

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Dave said...

Now that I'm a papa, I don't get too many project days. Last weekend I had one of those rare project days, and I used it to clean the garage/workshop. It took from 9am to 6pm, and I not only organized and threw out and recycled and gave away, but I also dusted (with compressed air), sponged the walls and tables, and mopped the floors. It was one of the most unmitigatedly (is that a word?) successful project days I've ever had.