Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Louisville: A Stranger is Just a Friend You Haven't Met Yet

Unless you're trying to merge onto the freeway, or change lanes. Then, f$@# you.

Downtown Louisville

Just back from a work trip to Louisville, KY. While there, I attended a professional conference, but I also had the chance to see some sights. Louisvillians are a really friendly bunch. They were all eager to see that I had enough to eat, that I knew what to see while in town, that I was going to "come back and see us, now." Truly, I was a friend they hadn't met yet.

Eggs and grits for breakfast. Add a biscuit and coffee and I'm in heaven.

This is a Kentucky Hot Brown. Toast, turkey, tomato, bacon, Mornay sauce, and mushrooms. AKA heart attack on a plate.

I spent some time wandering in the beautiful Cherokee and Seneca parks. I dabbled my feet in the creek and listened to the bugs and birds. I enjoyed all the green. I imagined this must be what it looked like in Daniel Boone's time.

Cherokee Park. Beautiful. GREEN.

One night I went to a true neighborhood dive - no a/c, just big fans going; beverages were listed on the greasy menus as "coke products." I ordered the fried chicken and I swear they went out back to kill it, it took so long to get to me. And, they served me up half that bird. It was pretty amazing. "Baby, when you want chicken, we give you CHICKEN," cracked the sassy waitress before going outside for a smoke.

I found a fantastic little cafe with the most amazing fresh baked bread, sweet iced tea, and soup.

Not to mention the peanut butter and ganache "sin bar."

I enjoyed a personalized tour of amazing architecture in Old Louisville. I also survived the summer storms.

I didn't get to drink any bourbon, but according to all my new Kentucky friends, I'll be coming back for another visit.

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