Thursday, April 9, 2009

Box full o' good stuff

I picked up our first "farm-box" today! I was so excited that I left work a little early to head over to the pick-up place. After feeling like a trespasser to go get our box (it was in the backyard of our pick-up location!), I brought it home. When I opened it, I could hardly contain my glee.

Look at this bounty!

Nice radishes! (Why thank you - and I love your carrots.)

Pasture-fed chicken eggs.

The eggs were easily the most expensive item, at about $5 for a half-dozen. However, they are from happy chickens who are free to roam the farm. Supposedly these have a wonderful rich flavor and I can't wait to have one for breakfast tomorrow.

TH is as giddy as I am about this box, and he's all set to make me some carrot and couscous salad.

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