Sunday, February 8, 2009

More good news

I love good news. And in these tough times, I love it even more.

Here's the latest in my browsing:
  • Free music lessons for kids. A nonprofit organization gives lessons to kids who wouldn't otherwise have a chance to explore an instrument. Next, the founder is going to work with adults with disabilities. Awesome.
  • Rather than continuing to spread doom and gloom, a local columnist has suggested that furoughed state workers get involved in the community on their furlough days. Great idea!
  • Read this interesting story about Chad Gerlach, a promising cyclist who started abusing drugs, became homeless for 5 years, then went through rehab and is working himself back into the cycling circuit. Recovery from addiction is a long, hard process with multiple setbacks. He admits that he is still an addict. But my hat is off to this guy and I'm rooting for him.

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