Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bake Night Bust?

Or, like grape nuts for oatmeal.

Or, or, everything I need to know about life I learned from baking.

Today I got to thinking about cookies my mom used to make, back in the day. They were peanut butter oatmeal. Yum. So, I looked up a recipe on the internet that looked about right. (Lesson #1: go to the primary source.)

I got home around 7 pm tonight and thought, hmmmm, do I really feel like baking? Only a little. I thought, well, I told a coworker I'd be making cookies, so I better follow through. But I didn't approach it with my usual relaxation, and anticipation and joy of process. (Lesson #2: if you're gonna do it, put your heart into it.)

So, partway in, I noticed I was 1/2 cup short of oatmeal. Desperate, I combed the cupboards and made a substitution. That may or may not improve the recipe. (Lesson #3: be bold with your choices.)

And the result? Well, you make the call.

Not my best effort. I'm hoping the second sheet turns out better. (Lesson #4: If at first you don't succeed....)
ADDENDUM: The cookies turned out sweet, chewy, and peanutty. (Lesson #5: Patience is a virtue. Or, things often turn out differently than you might expect at first.)

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Emily said...

I'd be happy to receive any and all bake night bust leftovers...