Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Running Updates

Yesterday was Day Three of the Couch to 5K plan. I'm still having trouble finding my stride in the jogging intervals. It feels awkward. And yesterday I had some minor problems with my ankle and hamstring. Not to mention the shin splints that come and go throughout the activity, but that I don't feel after I'm done or the next day.

Am I too out of shape for this? Or am I just trying to do too much, too soon? Or is it just a matter of stretching more before and after the workout? I wish I could figure it out.


cia ladybug said...

it could be any number of things, really. running isn't for everyone and a lot depends on your technique and shoes, etc. at least that's what i understand. i tried jogging in high school and that didn't work out at all. i suppose i would run if someone was chasing me.

Jennifer said...

Back in the day (high school), I ran on the cross country and track teams, and while I wasn't the best distance runner, I did get a groove going. I loved the strength I got and felt from running, and in college it was the best stress release.

I dunno. Maybe my body's changed too much since then. It still beats weight lifting.