Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Operation: Whip-My-Butt-Into-Shape Steps it Up

Day 1 of the running plan - delayed by an ankle strain - commenced today. I made it through, but here were my thoughts:

This is good, I can do this.

OK, ready.

First jogging interval:
Wait...what is this, now?

First walking interval:
20 minutes? Piece of cake!

Fifth jogging interval:
That's it, I'm quitting.

Fifth walking interval:
Come on, you big whiner, GO GO GO!

Seventh jogging interval:
OK, getting my rhythm back.

Seventh walking interval:
How will I possibly do this for only a WEEK?! And then I have to INCREASE my JOG TIME?! Those trainers are NUTS! This SUCKS!

Tenth jogging interval:
It's over? How can it be over?

Sitting at my desk:
I don't think I can get up. My thighs are locked into position. I'll have to wheel myself around in my desk chair now.

Looking forward to Day 2 on Friday! 'Cause I'm masochistic like that!

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