Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Operation Whip-My-Butt-Into-Shape Update

So I went running today, for Day 4 of the plan. I decided to continue with the Week 1 workout (even though technically speaking, I should be on Week 2). I don't want to move forward too fast and hurt myself. It's not like I'm actually training for anything...just trying to be in better physical shape.

Anyway. Today was totally different than Monday's torture. The jogging was smoother, my body felt more coordinated, and I didn't feel like I was going to cramp up during the walking intervals. Right up until the heat made my head pound and my stomach start churning. Which was why, 4 minutes short of the full 20-minute workout, I stopped.

But! No shin splints, no hamstring trouble, and no ankle twinges. Hooray! What was different? Well, I had a longer warmup. I also lengthened my stride and jogged a little faster (which feels more normal, as I tend to walk fast normally), and I forgot to bring socks. I don't really know if the sock thing played a part, but it's possible. I felt like my shoes were part of my foot.

So Friday is Day 5 and we'll see how it goes then. Meanwhile, my legs are getting stronger, my abs are getting definition, and my ass is looking pretty good, if you can believe TH.

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