Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My current worrywart, stress-bucket, Drama Queen mind-bending dilemma:

A) Do I feel guilty over the money I spent on a makeover?


B) Do I feel justified, because it cheered me up enormously, and I feel like myself again after a couple of difficult months?

What would you feel? Be honest.


David said...

You mean you had an opportunity to donate that money to the Fund for Starving Children of Refugees and you didn't take it? WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU???

Jennifer said...

If nothing else, a beautiful one. Ha, ha.

Emily said...

A well-deserved treat (every once in awhile) should not make you feel quilty.

Nicole said...

Heck no, you shouldn't feel guilty. If it made you feel better, then it was all worth it.