Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trying to take my own advice

That quote over there? About not waxing indignant? Not weeping? Understanding? I'm working on it.

My favorite student - he's baaaaaccccck. And angrier than before! So maybe this semester I can get him referred to the student conduct committee. Meanwhile, I still need to serve him, since there's this legal mandate and all.


That's it. I'm moving to the Canadian wilderness and living as a hermit.


cia ladybug said...

i was trying to figure out what was going on.... is there anyone else in your office you could pawn him off on? that's what i used to do. we got a decent many like that too.

Jennifer said...

Well, we're kind of all in it together. I'm the only one in my office who does my job, but his counselor and my supervisor and I are all trying to brainstorm. I'll have to tell you about it someday. It's a long, sad story.