Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Day Off

It has been such a hellish week, and TH is out of town visiting his kids, and I just needed to escape. So I drove up to gold country - Grass Valley, to be exact. After my breakfast of fresh coffee and croissant, I hopped in the car and drove on up the hill.


Lunch at a little Italian cafe. Ravioli with pesto, and a cherry Italian soda. Yum, yum.

Then, on to Empire Mine State Historic Park. This is a pretty interesting place. There are about 367 miles worth of tunnels under here. I walked carefully.

The entrance to the Main Shaft - you can go in, and walk down a flight of stairs to see the track.

It's a widdle schpooky.

You can also visit the mine owner's "cottage." Isn't it beautiful? There was a wedding scheduled there for this evening.

The weather was perfect, and I feel lighter at heart. I'm so glad I didn't spend all day inside!


David said...

Nice photos! Makes me want to visit Grass Valley. But that's quite a drive. If you get the urge to break out again, how about lunch in Napa with Tomoko and Ken and me?

Jennifer said...

Ooh! Yeah! That sounds good.