Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Toy Story

An email making the rounds has got me thinking about my favorite toys from childhood. I loved anything to do with clothes - dress-up, wearing mom's and dad's shoes, dressing up dolls (although I didn't want to play "house" and pretend they were my children...and now, I am happily child-free...interesting...), playing with Barbies (for the clothes!), etc. And I love clothes even today. I love shopping, putting outfits together, playing with new combinations, following trends, etc.

One of my favorite toys, and I still have it someplace, was the Fashion Plates toy.

This brought me hours and hours of enjoyment. You chose the plates, either two small or one medium, plus one large, then put them in the slot on the left, put paper over them, then put the gray slide down, and did a tracing. Then, you put the paper on a flat surface, and colored away on your outfits. Too cool!

What were your favorite toys? Can you connect your love of them to your current interests?

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Emily said...

Fashion plates!!! I loved those too. Man, I haven't thought about those in...decades. Good times.