Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weekend with the 'rents

I got back yesterday evening from an extended weekend with the parents. It was a wonderful weekend, and though I missed TH, it was nice to spend some time with Mom and Dad all by myself.

We spent our time talking, drinking, talking, eating, talking, going to the museum, talking, going to yoga, talking, going to a spa, talking, reading, talking, and quilting. And talking.

Mango-vanilla soy ice cream blended with coconut rum. Drinks all around!

The museum we went to is the California Legion of Honor. We saw a show of "Women Impressionists." Excellent exhibit.
La psyche (The Mirror). Berthe Morisot. 1876.

Mediterranean delights at La Mediterranee in Berkeley.

Is there anything better than new books??

The Chef at work in his domain.

Apricot tarte. Do not mess with perfection. I had two pieces.

The Quilter in her domain. Working on the infamous "Easy Coasters Project" of 2008.

I've discovered that quilting is not my thing. But hanging out with my parents, is.

Good times were had by all.

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Emily said...

Looks like a lovely weekend.

It was great seeing you today! I forgot to mention that I went to Babycakes yesterday with Kara and devoured a red velvet cake. SO good.

Hope to see you soon!