Friday, July 25, 2008

I've got the grumpies.

It's been a long week. TH has been sick with bronchitis, which means neither one of us has been getting much sleep. I've been dealing with a student at work that's got my mind in pretzel-mode. We've been fighting with ants for dominance in our house (they've been going for the cat's food, so we keep moving it around all over the house. Poor cat can't keep up).

Yeah. Life's hard.

I feel like a schmuck for even complaining. My life is so good. But I still feel dissatisfied, sometimes, this week in particular. Anyone else with me on this?? This weird, mixed sense of both joy and ennui with my lot in life?

I think I need a good dose of rest, and weekend. And luckily, it's the weekend! WOO! I plan to spoil myself with a home pedicure, read lots and lots, enjoy some pizza and TV with TH (who's feeling much better, thanks for asking), and maybe a little housecleaning. I'm also thinking maybe it's time to go out to buy some running shoes. I think if I exercise more I can banish the grumpies for good. How do you send the grumpies packing?

1 comment:

David said...

Ride the bike up King's Mountain Road, eat a pepperoni pizza, drink a martini, watch some Japanese TV, and if all else fails, apply Chocolate. Lots of Chocolate. Especially Tomoko's Scharfenberger Ganache Drink.