Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Book Review: The History of Love

"Marvelous." - The San Francisco Chronicle

"Astonishing." - Washington Post

"Ingenious." - New York Times

"Ehhhhhh..." - a page from her book

I'm not even done with this one yet, but I need to get this off my chest. I expected more. This is an odd book, and while I like some of the characters, I keep getting lost in the stories and having to re-read sections. I feel like it's a really pretentious book, and I feel like I'm not getting it, and I feel like I should get it, and I don't like any of those feelings very much. But, I'm seeing it through to the end. I want to see how it all comes together.


Emily said...

I read it. And I loved it. And I finished it at 2 am. And I cried. The End.

Looking forward to hearing more about it from your perspective.

African Kelli said...

darn it. I hate books like that. I am instituting a new 100 page rule. If I don't enjoy it after 100 pages, I'm done.