Monday, April 28, 2008

Vintage Linens

I am a vintage linen junkie. I don't collect many things, but I get such a thrill from going into a funky old antique store or flea market and sifting through piles of musty old fabrics in search of that tossed-aside gem - a linen table runner, a lace doily, a starched hankie. [Not so thrilling - old undies, stained hankies, and hole-y dishtowels. Newsflash, people - some things are OK to throw out, including your old Great-Aunt Bertha's bloomers.] An added bonus is that many vintage linens are a steal - anywhere from $1-$5 for beautiful items such as these finds from this weekend:

I guess I should iron these hankies. Love the lavendar crochet trim!

Look at the work on these placemats (there are two - perfect for my tiny breakfast table!)

Pretty lacework - remarkably stain-free.

More lavender edging, this time on a sweet doily.

Tablecloth embroidery detail.

Plus, I found this gorgeous cherry-wood dresser for TH. We needed a little more room, and our old dresser fell apart when we moved. We've been sharing a cramped space for months. He is very happy, now, to have his own drawers. The best part? It was on sale. Love that!

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malphi said...

Oh joy...I have the vintage linen bug too! Susannah x