Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pele's Curse

So apparently, you're not supposed to take any lava from the Hawaiian islands. If you do, you get bad luck. Oodles of it. And, you're supposed to return what you took to break the curse of Pele.

With all the planning and anal-retentive preparation I do for trips, you would think I would have somehow read about this, heard about this, or otherwise known. As well, being a girl scout, and descended from girl scouts, you'd think I'd know better. (shhh) but I have to come clean. I did take a small piece of lava rock, for my niece who loves rocks, science, nature, etc.

I know! Shame on me, Pele's curse, yada yada. All right already, I mailed it back to Hawaii.

Here are some more pictures from the trip:

Ancient petroglyphs
Enjoying a refreshing beverage
Umauma Falls
Rainforest walk
Did I show this one already??

Consider yourself warned about the lava!!


Kathy said...

Fun fun Hawaii shots.

I have to tell you that a dear friend took one of those rocks and sent it right back. She all but had the plague and a horrible stretch of bad luck. Seriously. Return that thing!

Jennifer said...

I mailed it back as soon as I found out about the curse. Hopefully Pele will be kind. Glad you liked the pictures!!