Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's only fair - Reasons we will miss our apartment.

It seemed the equitable thing to do, despite a breakdown in the water heater, meaning no hot water on a day during the first cold "snap" of the year. But anyway. Here's what we'll miss:

1) All the mature trees outside our windows. It's so nice to see green - I feel like I live in a treehouse.
2) The swimming pool.
3) The weight room.
4) Friendly neighbors.
5) Being able to call management when the drains are clogged, filters need changing, etc.
6) The green common area with barbecues and picnic tables.
7) Ummmm....

Well, we gave it our best shot!

1 comment:

African Kelli said...

Well, here is to hoping that you have fabulous new neighbors with a pool who want to help you around the house! :)