Wednesday, September 5, 2007

They seek him here...

I just finished The Scarlet Pimpernel, by Baroness Orczy. I was madly reading this morning before I left for work. I couldn't wait all day to find out what happens in the last 10 pages!! TH and I love the story, especially the musical version. Aha - bet you didn't know it was a Broadway show, eh? But yes, mon ami! (See picture. Note the awesome Terrence Mann as Chauvelin. Unfortunately we didn't get to see him, but he's on the soundtrack. Yay!) Besides the musical, I have also watched the Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour version (lovely), and an A&E version, with Richard E. Grant (thank God for PBS and A&E, or TV would truly suck). You can get either version on netflix.

Anywho. Swashbuckling adventure with a hint of romance? Count me in. However, one caveat - seeing as how the original was written in 1905, beware of some slightly stilted language (to our modern ears), a relatively slow start to the plot, and some racist and sexist attitudes. But, sink me, I'm forever charmed by Marguerite, intrigued by Sir Percy, and reviled by Chauvelin. A book that makes you feel you know the characters is some good writing.

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