Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swimming success story

Yesterday was my first day in the pool. After 15 minutes, I was noodle-legged and out of breath. But happy - I easily swam through two cycles of 2 laps then 12 breaths rest. The next two cycles of the same were tougher, but I got it done. This is better than I expected. And today I feel my muscles, but I am not sore.

Two thumbs up for the summer workout! I will happily substitute this for running, as long as the weather stays in the 80's-100's.


The Womb Warrior said...

Are you following some kind of formal training plan, or just your own willy-nilly?

Jennifer said...

A little bit of plan, a little bit of willy-nilly. I'm not really into formal exercise plans - I prefer to combine fun with fitness. But I like to have some structure, so I usually use a plan to give me ideas and then I tweak the plan based on how I'm doing/feeling that particular week.