Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm just sayin'.

I wish that advertisers would stop trying to cute-ify yucky stuff. For example - Mr. Mucous in the Mucinex commercials, and now an animated wart in some wart medicine commercial. Really, people. No matter how hard you try...some things are just gross.


Dave said...

Well, you might want to stay away from Japan. They are the undisputed world champions of cutifying the gross. They have talking toilet characters all over the place. I have seen talking poo. My favorite is probably the fact that penises and vaginas are uniformly represented by squids and octopi on TV.

Jennifer said...

Um, ew.

The Womb Warrior said...

omg, I was so just thinking the same thing about the anthropomorphism of things like warts, mucus, fungus...ewwww