Sunday, November 15, 2009

I think Leonard Pitts is awesome (again)

Another great editorial from Mr. Pitts. I appreciate how he discusses the gray areas of opinions; how he can feel both anti-death-penalty, and relieved at its use. This quote wraps it up for me:

It is our nature to seek certitude and resolution, but life is messy and untidy, doesn't always fit neatly into the boxes we build for it. There are days when being staunch offers no clarity, days when certitudes feel like platitudes, and you can no more grab resolution than you can grab smoke.

From our trenches of fixed opinion, we thunder at one another so readily that it is disconcerting when you are forced to wander the gray places between, to acknowledge complexities our certainties don't always allow us to see. It can give you pause.

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Dave said...

In theory, values are black in white. In practice, we have to give up before developing sufficient focus to resolve the truth. But we have to be careful to recognize that what we are doing is giving up temporarily, because failure is failure after all.